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  1. Patricia: I’ll look into that. Thanks for alerting us. How frustrating!

    Best regards,

    Peter Monaghan, associate director

  2. Dear all,

    I tried to help in fundraising, but it seems that only USA is available as a country list.
    I wonder how I could exhibit the film in Universidade Federal Fluminense, and if I could buy the DVD our have access to download the film only for teaching purpose to students of the Environmental Science Bachelor course where I teach.
    On 25 June I am organizing a Cinedebate on environmental planning, sustainable development and territorial management. I watched the trailler and I was very impressed with the quality of the narrative and edition. I would very much appreciate if you could trust in my true wish of spreading the word and the messages in the university.
    Have a look at the previous Cinedebate with an audience of 145 students I organized in partnership of another film “A Lei da Água” at this link and see the announcement at the main website of Universidade Federal Fluminense at this link

    Grateful for your attention, Greetings

    Patricia Almeida Ashley
    Nucleo de Estudos em EcoPoliticas e EConsCiencias
    International Policy and Research Network on Territories of Social Responsibility –
    Programa de Extensao Ecocidades –

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